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DAYLIGHT Energy is the local leader in Clean Energy for homeowners looking to save on their energy bills. But we also understand that every home, every homeowner, and every install is different.

That’s why we focus on the needs of your specific location, adapting your technology, install and permit process, and even aesthetics to your local conditions. With our top energy consultants and strategic partnerships with the best solar installers in Las Vegas, DAYLIGHT Energy is the industry expert…right in your neighborhood.

DAYLIGHT Energy is Las Vegas's leader in smart, affordable clean energy solutions at home.  We provide top-notch service for homeowners who are looking to save, partnering with only the best install teams in the nation.

With a 100% commitment to educate and empower homeowners throughout the solar process, it’s no accident that DAYLIGHT Energy is the best company to work for and one of the fastest growing companies in Las Vegas.

Solar is more affordable than ever thanks to DAYLIGHT Energy, with no out-of-pocket costs for most customers. Homeowners no longer have to pay big sums for their solar panels or installation, and you won’t ever be left with a lien on your home!

Our clients typically see 40-60% savings off their traditional energy bills starting the very first day when they flip the switch on their new solar system. As utility providers charge more over time, your energy bills will stay fixed – or even go down!

Add it all up and solar with DAYLIGHT Energy offers huge savings, delivering the highest Return on Investment you’ll ever see.

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Your journey to enjoying solar power at home will be a smooth and enjoyable one with DAYLIGHT Energy.

In fact, our Energy Consultants are highly praised for their customer service and professionalism, and we partner with the top solar installers in the nation. From the design process to permits, the day panels go on your roof and that moment you can flip the switch and start saving money, solar installation with DAYLIGHT Energy is always a great experience!


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By reaching out to DAYLIGHT Energy, you will be taking the first important step towards enjoying solar power. That timeline starts when your dedicated Energy Consultant comes out to your home to sit down and go over the whole process, educating you, answering all of your important questions, and going over all of your financial options.

Your Energy Consultant will also help coordinate the design of your new solar system, facilitate permits, schedule the install date, and make sure you’re 100% happy. You never have to go-it alone as your DAYLIGHT Energy Consultant is always there as your advocate!

The solar industry has gone through monumental changes in the last decade, all of which benefit the homeowner and consumer. But choosing to save money with solar is still an important decision. That’s why DAYLIGHT Energy focuses on educating and empowering our clients, providing information, resources, and answering your questions with transparency.

We’d love to earn your trust and business, so please reach out to DAYLIGHT Energy and we’ll assign a dedicated Energy Consultant to help you get started.